St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican


St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican is a Catholic basilica symbol of the Vatican State. It is considered the largest church in the world. It is the seat of the main Catholic religious events on the occasion of papal celebrations.

A few steps from the basilica are the Vatican Museums that hold the famous Sistine Chapel of Michelangelo, inside which the conclave takes place.

Both are within walking distance in about 20 minutes.
Campo De' Fiori Rome


Campo de' fiori is one of the main squares of Rome. With a lively atmosphere both during the day, for its markets, and in the evening, for restaurants and clubs, it is one of the most typical areas of Rome. In the center of the square it is possible to admire the bronze sculpture of Giordano Bruno, exactly in the place of the burning of the philosopher occurred on February 17, 1600.

Not far away is the Jewish ghetto, the oldest in the world. Visiting it is not only a cultural and religious experience via the Synagogue and the Jewish museum, but also gastronomic thanks to the many typical restaurants scattered throughout the ghetto.

Campo de' fiori is an 8-minute walk away. The ghetto is a 15-minute walk away.
Pantheon Rome


Piazza Navona is one of the most famous monumental squares in Rome, dating back to the Baroque period. In the center you can admire the famous fountain of the four rivers of Bernini. Opposite stands the church of Sant'Agnese in Agone, whose facade is the work of Borromini.

Nearby you can reach the Pantheon, built as a temple dedicated to all past, present and future deities. It was founded in 27 B.C. by Agrippa.

Piazza Navona is just 8 minutes away on foot. The Pantheon is a 15 minute walk away.
Trevi Fountain Rome


Trevi Fountain is the most famous of the more than 2000 fountains that adorn the streets and squares of Rome in late Baroque style.

Piazza di Spagna with its steps of Trinità dei Monti is one of the most famous squares in Rome, in the center of which you can admire the famous Barcaccia by Bernini. The square owes its name to the presence of the Spanish Embassy since the seventh century.

The Trevi Fountain is a 21 minute walk from the apartments. Spanish Steps are a 24 minute walk away. Alternatively you can reach them by bus n.62 at the stop below the house.
Campidoglio Rome


The Capitol, seat of the City of Rome, is the smallest of the seven famous hills of Rome, but also the most important because it is where Rome was founded.

The Vittoriano complex was erected to celebrate the King Vittorio Emanuele II. Above it stands the Altar of the Homeland that houses the Unknown Soldier. It represents the unity of the country and the freedom of the people. Built in neoclassical style to celebrate the greatness and majesty of Rome.

Both are within a 20 minute walk of the apartments.
Colosseum Rome


The Roman Forum, located between the Capitol and the Palatine Hill, was the nucleus of Roman civilization, the center of the political, juridical, economic, social and religious life of ancient Rome. Its construction lasted more than 900 years. With the end of the empire the Roman Forum was forgotten and gradually buried, brought to light in the twentieth century.

The Flavian Amphitheatre, better known as the Colosseum, is the largest amphitheatre in the world. Its construction began in 70 A.D. and was inaugurated in 80 A.D. In ancient times it was used for gladiatorial shows and other public events and today it is the symbol of the city of Rome.

Both are within walking distance in 30 minutes. Alternatively you can reach them by bus n.64 at the stop below the house.
Trastevere Rome


Trastevere, known district of Rome, is located on the right bank of the river Tiber. Walking through its alleys you will find three of the most spectacular churches in the city: Santa Maria in Trastevere, Santa Cecilia and San Crisogono. It is also typical for traditional trattorias, craft breweries and craft shops. This district is particularly loved by young people for its lively nightlife.

The Tiber Island, the only urban island on the Tiber in the center of Rome, about 300m long and about 90m wide, is connected to the two banks of the Tiber by Ponte Cestio and Ponte Fabricio. Today it houses one of the most famous hospitals in Rome: the Fatebenefratelli.

Trastevere is a 13 minute walk from the apartments, while the Tiber Island is a 20 minute walk away.
Villa Borghese Rome


The park of Villa Borghese occupies a large area in the heart of the city. The villa contains buildings, sculptures, monuments and fountains, the work of illustrious artists of Baroque and Neoclassical art, surrounded by centuries-old trees, ponds, Italian gardens and large open spaces created with great care.

The Borghese Gallery is located in the park of the villa of the same name, houses masterpieces by Antonello Da Messina, Giovanni Bellini, Raphael, Titian, Correggio, Caravaggio and beautiful sculptures by Gian Lorenzo Bernini and Canova.

Reachable on foot in 30 minutes from the apartments.


Recommended destinations especially for those who have already visited Rome or who will spend more than a week in the capital.
Villa d'Este Rome


Villa d'Este, masterpiece of the Italian garden, is considered world heritage, with the impressive concentration of fountains, water lilies, caves and water games, is a model often emulated in the European gardens of mannerism and baroque.

Villa Adriana, built at the behest of Emperor Hadrian as his suburban residence, is a monumental housing complex that still today stages the splendor of the places of power of ancient Rome.

Both are reachable by car or bus in 2 hours from the apartments.
Catacombs Rome


Along the Appia Antica there are three of the most important and great catacombs in the capital: San Callisto, San Sebastiano and Santa Domitilla. Underground labyrinths full of history and suggestions.

The catacombs of Priscilla are located opposite Villa Ada along the Via Salaria. Excavated in the tuff from the second century until the fifth are one of the oldest examples of catacomb complexes in Rome.

The catacombs of Appia Antica can be reached in 45 minutes by bus. The catacombs of Priscilla are about 55 minutes away by bus.